Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New to blogging....Here goes!

My friends from work (namely Andrew and Leanne) have inspired me to blog since I don't ever seem to find time while at home to update the baby albums I have for Camryn. We are far past our first word, our first sentence, singing the ABC's, and counting to 10. We are currently peeing in the toilet and asking for a diaper when it's time to go poopie. Almost there but not quite. Not as heartwarming as the first time she said mama but just as important.

My little angel has decided that her new favorite thing to sleep with (besides me, two blankies, two pillows, and "the soft blanky") is the house flashlight. Not one of the little kiddie ones that are the size of an adult hand but the large and in charge, super durable flashlight. Camryn tends to have mini tantrums during the night and last night she almost knocked me unconscious in her fit. I don't know what led to the blow because I was sound asleep but I do know that I woke up to the heaviest blunt object smashing my skull at around 3 am and again at 4:15 to find Camryn in delirium and falling back to sleep as if nothing happened. Needless to say Camryn will no longer be adding the flashlight to her repertoire of sleeping essentials anymore.

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